VAPS camera system

VAPS camera system

VAPS camera system optimizes textile printing workflow

With the help of the new Placement Tool from Brother, you can amazingly optimize the workflow in your production. After placing the material on the pressure plate, an exact snapshot of the object is scanned and immediately displayed on the computer screen using the VAPS software. This makes it possible to easily and precisely place the image of the object to be printed and is an excellent solution for printing on shoes, shirt pockets and other "difficult" places or products.

VAPS – a small tool, but a great help!


Product sheet (pdf) English

Watch this video to see how VAPS works.


With the help of this new placement tool from Brother, you will reduce your daily test printouts and thus will save a lot of time. The textile printer's pressure plate appears on your computer screen for easy and precise placement of the image on the material to be printed. You select the exact location of the finished printout through the screen. Patterns to be printed, for example on shoes or chest pockets, can be placed with the utmost precision with the VAPS system.

A 13 megapixel camera scans all print areas from 7" x 8" up to 16" x 18" and is placed 32" above the printer. It is easily mounted on the GT-3 printer. VAPS is supported by Windows 7+ and works with a USB 3.0 connection.

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