LaserEvo 2D & 3D Fiber & MOPA Laser

LaserEvo offers 2D & 3D fiber lasers, 2D & 3D MOPA lasers and soon also Green Lasers. With our Gold Line 2D laser you can notice on flat surfaces with work areas from 110×110 mm to 200×200 mm. Our Diamond Line 3D has an innovative 3D marking system that can follow the object's profile while remaining in focus. This device clear notices on curved surfaces, whether they are common geometric shapes (spheres, cones, cylinders, inclined planes) or whether they are complex and irregular profiles

All lasers fit in LaserEvo's workstations or can be integrated into a production line or used freely as a Class 4 laser if needed. With these fiber lasers you can label text, serial numbers, logos, QR codes, Matrix codes and much more. You work in materials such as steel, stainless steel, tool steel, brass, titanium, aluminum, lacquered products, brass, copper, gold, silver, platinum and in a large selection of plastics which are often requested in the automotive, tool and medical industries.

Let us demonstrate our machines to you! If you do not have time, we are happy to test in your material based on your specifications, we do the test with the laser source that best suits your purposes. That way, you know exactly what the end result will be and what you need to get there.