ACG Nyström Affiliated company

In 1995, ACG Nyström AB formed its first company in Estonia, ACG Nyström Eesti OÜ. The company UAB ACG Nyström Lithuania was formed in 1996 and SIA ACG Nyström Ltd., Latvia in 1997. The Finnish company ACG Nyström Oy was founded in 2000, ACG Nyström Ukraine in Ukraine in 2005 and the last addition ACG Nyström Aps in Denmark was added in 2014.

ACG Nyström Finland


ACG Nyström Oy provides machines and complete solutions for the sewing and knitting industry, embroidery and for manufacturers of technical textiles, composites and filters. ACG Nyström Oy represents Eastman Machine, CADCAM Technology, OMAX, Juki, Pfaff, Typical, Pegasus, Strobel, Stoll, Tajima, Pulse and Primula. ACG Nyström Oy also distributes materials for the footwear and furniture industry and represents Rhenoflex, Stilla, Matsa, Astor, Brero and Mark.

ACG Nyström Oy offers: – Design of workstations – Printers and plotters – CadCam program – Cutting system: knife, water jet and laser – Laying machines – Industrial sewing machines and vending machines – Ultrasonic, hot air and heating wedge machines – Knitting machines – After-treatment equipment - Embroidery machines and software - Materials and wire

ACG Nyström Oy
Hankasuontie 9
Tel: +358 50 4777 008

ACG Nyström Denmark


ACG Nyström Aps represents Eastman Machine.

ACG Nyström Aps offers: - CadCam software - Cutting systems: knife - Laying machines - Service and technical support - Training

ACG Nyström Aps
Jupitervej 4C
Tel: +45 966 136 36

ACG Baltics

Suppliers to the teko/textile industry in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

ACG Baltics offer: – Machines and spare parts – Know-how – Service – Technical service

ACG Nyström Estonia


ACG Nyström Eesti OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia
Estonia was the first company we started in the Baltics after the Baltics' liberation. It became a pioneering company for clothing designers, knitters and shoe manufacturers. We sold wild, with long grace periods, and everything was based on trust. Today, ACG Nyström in Tallinn is an ugly supplier from design to label, with a good and solid reputation in Estonia.

ACG Nyström Eesti OÜ
Järveotsa tee 50 B
Tel: +372 656 3597

ACG Nyström Latvia


SIA ACG Nyström Ltd, Riga, Latvia
The company in Latvia was founded in 1997 and has had a very nice development. It has a full range of applications for the clothing and jersey industry, from digital cutting equipment to digitally controlled embroidery machines. The machine operations are complemented by full spare parts and technical service. Cad training is also successful.

SIA ACG Nyström Ltd
Festival 8
LV-1057 RIGA
Tel: +371 67 251 433
Fax: +371 67 251 421

ACG Nyström Lithuania


UAB ACG Nyström, Kaunas, Lithuania
The lithuanian company has grown into Lithuania's largest complete supplier of equipment for the clothing and knittedwear industry and also works with weavers and colours. In our nice property in Kaunas we have a fully equipped staff with sales and service staff, who take care of everything from the design of a garment to the labeling.

UAB ACG Nyström
Taiko's pr. 135 A
Tel: +370 37 452 068
Fax: +370 37 452 069

ACG Nyström Ukraine


ACG Nyström Ukraine, Lviv, Ukraine
ACG Nyström Ukraine was added in 2005.

ACG Nyström Ukraine offers: – Machines and spare parts – Know-how – Service – Technical service

ACG Nyström Ukraine
Promyslova Street 45
UA-79024 LVIV
Tel: +380 3 224 220 40