Service & Support

We perform total service on embroidery machines, cutting machines, industrial sewing machines, awning machines, laser machines, marking machines, bottle pins, welding machines and steam and press equipment.

Since 1921, we have stocked spare parts and serviced all kinds of machines for the textile industry, thereby building up a great knowledge of different types of machines. Since we have a large stock of spare parts for our machines and have good contacts with the leading manufacturers, we can quickly get the parts needed. We do everything we can to eliminate downtime and thus increase your productivity!

We operate throughout Sweden, either by going out to our customers ourselves, or through our partners. Another convenient approach is that you send your machine to us for review.

We also offer support for our CAD/CAM department.


Remote support for lasers and marking machines

Our service plans

Embroidery machines

It is important to regularly service your embroidery machine, in order to avoid unnecessary downtime in production. We offer maintenance service of Tajima embroidery machines that include control of drive belt, needle rod heights, grapple, wire catcher hook and wire pins, inspection and lubrication of wire accessory mechanism, cleaning and control of overwire sensors, updating system programs as recommended by factory, etc.

We also offer service agreements that include both emergency service and normal maintenance services. The service agreement can be tailored to your needs.

Industrial sewing machines, welding machines and press equipment

A poorly maintained industrial sewing machine, welding machine or press equipment means a greater risk that significant parts of the machine may break, which of course leads to significantly higher costs. Welcome to us when you are in need of service of your industrial sewing machine, welding machine or press equipment.

With us you have the opportunity to sign service agreements to guarantee that you will receive an equipment that at the lowest total price will work for many years. The service agreement can be tailored to your needs.

Automated cutting

If you need service or support, please contact us. Our technicians have extensive experience with cutting machines.
A cutting machine in production that stops often quickly involves large costs. It is therefore very important that the cutting machine is serviced at regular intervals. We recommend signing a service agreement with planned service intervals. The service agreement can be tailored to your needs.


Whether you need to book preventive services or need emergency service, we are here for you. If you sign a support agreement with us, we will leave a 10% discount on spare parts, service costs, travel expenses.

If you don't have a support agreement, it's good to know that we also charge for phone support if we're going to solve your issues remotely and if these are extensive/time consuming. For support contact

Labelling machine

We help you with service and qualified support on everything to do with marking. Our technicians have extensive experience and are updated on both machine and software. Together we come up with a solution that suits you.

We offer basic service on your machine to ensure that it has as long a lifetime as possible and to avoid problems. We recommend that you send your machine for service approximately every other year. While your machine is in service, we always offer free loan machine. If you are unsure when your machine was last serviced, contact one of our technicians and they will help you.

We also offer support agreements on the Lighthouse CPM-100/200 rating machines. This is to make you as a customer feel confident that you always get the right support on your machine. Contact us or read more at Märkmaskiner about what is included in the support agreement.

Drivers and software can be found in our webshop, you must be logged in to access our files. For other support, please contact