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"Lighthouse – for fast and cost-effective labelling and identification"

We know that it is time consuming and expensive to buy bespoke labels in small quantities. The Lighthouse CPM-100 and CPM-200 give you instant access to everything you need, from disposable labels to specifically designed signs.

In the workplace, we all rely on clear signage to advise, inform and warn people. But how can you ensure that you and your staff have quick and cost-effective access to these important labels and signs? The answer is Europe's best-selling labeling machine!

Today we have over 1000 customers who have realized the benefits of this machine, so get in touch with me today so as not to miss your chance!

Industrial labelling

Our CPM machines handle marking and signage requirements for health & safety, technology, electricity, plant ID, product ID, pipe marking, admin, chemical ID, plant management, control panels and more.

  • Custom labels on demand.
  • Multicolor printing
  • Create labels for any shape
  • Print barcodes and variable data
  • Print your own logos, charts, and charts

Lighthouse CPM-100


Lighthouse CPM-200

Lars Götlind

Lars Götlind

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