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The most important equipment for embroidery is, of course, the embroidery machine. With us you will find both small and large embroidery machines for embroidery on different kinds of garments and articles, from larger production on, for example, professional clothing to simpler name embroidery in stores, marketplaces, trade fairs and in web solutions.

We offer cylinder-type embroidery machines: 1-head, 2-head, 4-head, 6-head and 8-head embroidery machines from Tajima that are market leaders. Our standard machines have 15 needles per head and either 360 mm or 500 mm cc between the heads. Embroidery machines are also available with 12 needles per head. Lamp, cap equipment, frames and tripods are included as standard in all our embroidery machines.

A good embroidery software is very important. We sell Tajima DG by Pulse, the strongest embroidery program on the market. We always offer training in connection with new software purchases, as well as further training for future upgrades. We also offer automation solutions with embroidery for your ERP system and website.

With us you will find various kinds of consumables and accessories such as embroidery thread, backing, embroidery frames, special frames for embroidery, application materials, scissors, tweezers and embroidery needles. We also have embroidery aids such as frame stations (Hoopmaster) for easy framing of garments so that you as a user get an efficient and ergonomic work environment. For those of you who embroider caps, we offer a height adjustable frame station for optimal working height.

We offer training on your embroidery machine and methodology at various embroidery techniques (3D embroidery, application embroidery), either in connection with new purchases or on your existing embroidery machine. We have a recognized fast and well-functioning embroidery support.

We are your complete supplier in the embroidery industry!

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