About us

We at ACG Nyström AB have a rich history that started in 1921 with a focus on the textile industry and has since expanded our offering to include advanced solutions for industrial labeling. As a leading company in our industry, we have established subsidiaries in several countries, including Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Denmark, strengthening our international presence and expertise. We are recognized for our ability to deliver technologically advanced machines and systems that meet specific needs, thus maintaining a strong position in the global market. Through our comprehensive range and technical expertise, we continue to be a key partner for industrial companies seeking efficiency and innovation in their production processes.

About the ACG Group

ACG Gruppen AB currently consists of leading or unique companies in various business areas, not only in the traditional textile machine sector, but in industries as diverse as printing, material handling and labelling.

Acg Accent AB markets complete solutions of labeling and transfer labelling in the after- and clothing market, with a focus on brand processing.

ACG Nyström AB is today an international company that markets advanced equipment, systems and knowledge to the manufacturing industry that processes traditional textiles, technical textiles and other similar material types. We are currently represented in addition to Sweden, also in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

ACG Pulse AB develops, sells, produces and installs automated management systems with associated RFID equipment, software, services and support to customers in laundry, healthcare and industry.

ACG Kinna Automatic AB is the latest addition to the Group. ACG Kinna Automatic AB is a leading manufacturer of machines for fully automatic production lines for the textile industry worldwide. Through its customized machines and many years of experience, ACG Kinna Automatic AB is a valuable asset for the customer.

Eskils Tryckeri AB is one of West Sweden's largest and most modern sheet-office printing companies. We print everything from brochures and posters to labels and office prints.

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