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Laser engraving or as it is also called Laser marking is suitable for all types of industrial marking and on most types of materials, metal as well as plastic. The advantages of laser marking are many compared to the old methods such as mechanical engraving and needle embossing. With our laser systems you get durable marking with great detail and high precision, it is fast, quiet and efficient. We can provide you with the right laser machines and systems you need, whether it's a CO2 or fibre laser that's required to mark your products.

Our goal is to always offer the best and most optimal laser solution, adapted to your requirements and wishes and at probably the market's best prices. We have several employees with over 25 years of laser experience who are happy to share their knowledge with you.

Looking for a complete solution, but don't know what's right for you? Do you have a project to implement, but you don't know how to solve it? We offer you free consultation to freely evaluate which is the most effective choice based on results and value for money. We are at your disposal to find together the most optimal solution tailored to your needs and requirements.

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