Green laser Emerald series

Green laser Emerald series

Green laser Emerald series

The Emerald series lasers represent the ideal solution for marking a wide variety of plastic, reflective or heat resistant materials. Indeed, the main feature of the Emerald series lasers is the ability to make "cold" markings. Thanks to an extremely short pulse length, it is possible to obtain a very clear marking that does not create surface burns.

The Emerald series lasers are high-performance systems and can be used in any industrial context. They are suitable for marking plastics (even transparent ones), highly reflective metals (gold, silver and copper) and delicate or very thin materials.

With a dot size of less than 20 μm, the marking result is exceptionally clear: the Emerald laser is ideal for micro-labeling applications.

All our systems can be customized. We provide Class 1 protective enclosures to suit all needs. We also offer a wide range of optional accessories: linear axes, rotary axes, rotary tables and much more. Our technical staff will be able to respond to all your needs.

High resolution cold marking, ideal for plastic, reflective and heat resistant materials!


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  • Source type: DPSS laser
  • Wavelength: 532 nm
  • Outdoor power: 10W
  • Cooling system: Water
  • Power supply: 230 V AC, single phase 50/60 Hz.
  • Energy consumption: 400W
  • compatible vector - .dxf - .plt - .svg
  • Marking area (X/Y): 110×110 mm with 163 mm focal length Optional: 175×175 mm with 254 mm focal length
  • Data management: Date code - Time - Serial number - Bar code - QR code - DataMatrix.
  • Communication protocols: Serial - TCP/IP - Ability to retrieve data from .txt or .xls files
  • Marking materials: Wide range of plastic materials (also transparent), highly reflective metals (gold, silver, copper), ceramics, thin or heat-resistant materials.
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