Lighthouse CPM-100 labelling machine

Lighthouse CPM-100 is an industrial printer for those who need to make stickers, labels or signs of any color, shape and size!

The CPM-100 marking machine is a combined thermotransfer printer and foil cutter. The machine both writes and contour cuts stickers and labels. It is an affordable and user-friendly machine that offers great flexibility for those who need to label industrial products with demands for high durability.

  • Extreme temperatures (High and low)
  • Weather, wind, water, UV light
  • Oils, chemicals, solvents, etc.
  • ESD and UL approved
  • Different adhesives (from semipermanent to extremely powerful adhesive)
  • Warranty seal
  • Reflective and edict
  • Clip art gallery with about 3,800 images, symbols, cutting frames, etc.

CPM-100HG5 and CPM-100SHG5

  • Custom labels on demand.
  • Multicolor printing
  • Create labels for any shape
  • Print barcodes and variable data
  • Print your own logos, charts, and charts


Product sheet (pdf)

Specification CPM-100HG5/SHG5
Print method Thermotransfer
Speed Writes at 12-50 mm/s, cuts up to 120 mm/s
Resolution 400 dpi / 600 dpi
Print size Max 100 x 1500 mm
Software Lighthouse for Max V6.5
Connections USB
Dimensions (BxLxH) 30 x 32 x 32 cm, weight approx. 9 kg